Monday, May 9, 2011

It's the Little Things in Life

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Had a great day with my mom and family yesterday...she loves her new Coach bag that my brother and I gave her!

So my friend Ranu, author of the super cute and adorable blog sunshine girl (go check it out!), recently posted about this awesome blog called little things. It's a site that is dedicated to the simpler things in life. You know when someone holds a door for you and it makes you smile because the 10 other doors your walked through that day no one in front of you held for you? Things like that. I am going to do as Ranu did and post some of my favorite "little things" from the site. It was so hard to choose the ones that I did...I could have posted 100 of them!

simply said: summer <3

especially from the bf

a family favorite...seeing my bro and i as little kids: priceless

rare, but amazing when it happens

im a firm believer in fate

i <3 summer tans (not jersey shore tan though)

fun fact: i can rap ice, ice, baby..impressive, i know

my dog literally's pretty freaking cute

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