Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Happiness

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Oh Friday how I love you...even though I have SO much to do in the office today. What a week its been. I reluctantly left Long Beach Island on Monday afternoon so that I could come back the city for work, but I so wish I could have stayed down there. We had amazing weather and I came back with a pretty killer tan! This week at work has been slightly insane...I'm leaving for LA on Sunday for two big celeb photo shoots so we've been prepping like crazy all week here in the office. Cannot wait to get out to there though! More on that to come soon. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...I'm heading out west on Sunday, so wish me luck!!

Weekly happiness...

-yes i am THAT girl, whatever though. lbi <3-

-last night's date night cute?!-

-mint candy apple green-

-photo courtesy of my mom...our beach-

-without this today, i don't think i'd survive. <3 me some dunkin-

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lighthouse Adventures- LBI

As promised here are some pics from my little getaway to Long Beach Island. On Sunday we all took a ride down to the Barnegat Lighthouse. The scenery there was so pretty, but the best was the view from the top of the tower. Yes, we climbed all the way to the wheezing the whole way up due to this terrible summer cold that I am STILL getting rid of. But, we all had a really great time and the view was totally worth it!

-in the lighthouse museum- 
-mom & dad- 
-bird nesting grounds-
-me and nicky-

-brother and katie- 
-barnegat lighthouse-
-nicky made it!-
-amazing view-
-even better view-

-love this one, thanks katie!-

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fluorescent Hipsters

Current obsession alert:The Cambridge Satchel Company's Fluorescent 11" Satchels. I've seen them all summer, but never really had an interest, until I was walking down the street yesterday and saw a girl wearing the neon orange one. Seriously, she looked so cute, and now I want to be her with that bag. I'm thinking an end of the summer present to myself is in the future...


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jet Setting: Long Beach Island

Okay, so maybe I'm not jet setting to the Jersey Shore, but I'm considering it that anyway. Who cares if I'll be driving for an hour and a half down the parkway tonight with my boy and my puppy?

Anyway, my parents rented a house in Long Beach Island for the week and I am so excited to get down there and just RELAX with my family (and hopefully bake this cold that I've seemed to come down with. Go figure). All I need is a bikini, a book, and some sunshine and I'll be content. Oh yea, some seafood and a bottle of wine will do. Okay and maybe some tissues too. Geez that seems like a lot to ask for.

Before I leave though, I wanted to share some cool beachy pics that i found here. I'll have plenty of my own when I get back....that I can promise.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Desert Dreams

I came across these photos from the May 2011 issue of Elle Norway, and I am sooooo in love with them. I think the mix of sweet and edgy against the raw background of the dessert looks amazing, and the story was styled so well. I want to be her, or there, or both. How cool?

all photos taken from here

Monday, July 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Peace

In order to understand these pictures, I highly recommend that you visit this website. Love the message and meaning behind it.

For your viewing pleasure...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Happiness

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It's almost the weekend! Just a few more hours of working (of course today is a super busy day), and then I'm home free! No major plans this weekend, but I'm excited to hit the beach, as always, and hang out with some friends. I'm really excited for this time next week though because I'll be down the shore with my family-relaxing-for a nice long weekend. Woo! Lot's to do before then though, so I gotta keep hangin' in there! Hope you all had a lovely week! Enjoy this gorg weather! xx

Here's what made me happy this week...

-how cute is this sleep mask? i saw it at a preview this week-

-my new favorite gym bag courtesy of the girls at under armour. it was filled with awesome goodies too!-

-had to get a new flat iron...hope this one works on my curly hair!-

-summer reading part 2: soooooooo amazing. love her-

-addicted to these this week..unfortunately haha-