Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Happiness

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Oh Friday how I love you...even though I have SO much to do in the office today. What a week its been. I reluctantly left Long Beach Island on Monday afternoon so that I could come back the city for work, but I so wish I could have stayed down there. We had amazing weather and I came back with a pretty killer tan! This week at work has been slightly insane...I'm leaving for LA on Sunday for two big celeb photo shoots so we've been prepping like crazy all week here in the office. Cannot wait to get out to there though! More on that to come soon. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...I'm heading out west on Sunday, so wish me luck!!

Weekly happiness...

-yes i am THAT girl, whatever though. lbi <3-

-last night's date night cute?!-

-mint candy apple green-

-photo courtesy of my mom...our beach-

-without this today, i don't think i'd survive. <3 me some dunkin-

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