Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

As much as I love wearing super feminine dresses and skirts, I'm a jeans fanatic. My wardrobe 90% of the work week consists of jeans and either a cute sweater or blousy top (usually Rebecca Taylor, because I'm an addict of hers as well). So when these printed Level 99 jeans popped onto my desk at work earlier last week, I knew that they'd quickly become a staple in my jean rotation. I love how the print makes a statement, but is still subtle enough to wear on the reg.

I'm was feeling a little down the day that I wore these (I ended up spraining my foot and tore the tendon away from the bone on the side of my foot...can anyone say ahh!), so I didn't wear the outfit that I had originally imaged when I got these jeans (heeled boots were not an option!). Instead, I paired one of my favorite Velvet by Graham & Spencer t-shirts (similar to this one), with a black scarf, a pair of moto boots (which I'm hoping to replace with these...they're on my wishlist! ahem!), and my new favorite Warby Parker glasses (nerdy chic, anyone?).

PS- Seem to be having blog troubles. Working on fixing them, so please hang in there with me!!