Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot Right Now

1.  I promise you, Sophia Webster will become a fixture in your fashion vocabulary, if she isn't already. I'm loving her creative shoe vibe, and am lusting over these pink heels

2. Wanna know my secret to staying tan after my Miami glow fades? Dr. Dennis Gross glow pads. Life changing.

3. French girls have the cutest style. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

4. The Great Gatsby is my all-time favorite book, and the 1920s are my favorite time period. Dresses inspired by both? Right up my alley.

5. Bikini So Teeny. 'Nuff said. 

6. I got this candle as a birthday gift, and now I don't want my apartment to smell like anything but vanilla and oakmoss. Might be buying out all of these from Urban Outfitters.

7. I'm loving anything with a leather sleeve or trim. This top is no exception. 

8. Bralettes layered under floaty tees might just be my new obsession and spring go-to look. 

Monday, April 29, 2013


I mentioned in Friday's post that I was heading down to Washington, DC to run in the Nike Women's Half Marathon. It was the first time they were holding the race down there, and the entire weekend was filled with lots of fun activities and events. Since I was there as part of the media team, I got to experience all the amazing things first hand, and got to spend some time with other awesome editors and bloggers. We took DC by storm, and really got to see all that the city has to offer. I totally recommend taking a weekend trip down to the nation's capitol if you ever have a chance. The food is amazing (Founding Farmer's, Old Ebbitt Grill, and The Occidental are my restaurant recs!), the sites are gorgeous, and it's such an active city--so many people were out riding bikes, jogging, playing soccer and volleyball, and of course, running half marathons :).

Naturally, I documented my weekend through photos. Here's a visual diary for you:
-race course & number-

-ran two half marathons in two weeks and felt awesome!-

-hanging out at the reflecting pool-

-cross the finish line and get a little blue box? sure, why not!-

-my dad met me down in dc to cheer me on at the race!-

-coolest.kicks.ever. and they're mine-

-met and ran alongside the lovely and talented ellie goulding!-

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Happiness

Happy last Friday in April! Can't believe how fast this month has flown by. I've been so consumed with traveling and training for half marathons this month, that April totally blew past me. It's a little reminder that I need to enjoy each moment, and live my life one day at a time. 

That being said, I'm super excited to head down to Washington, D.C. this weekend for a fun weekend of half marathon events. I'll be running the Nike Women's Half (check out the post I wrote for Fitness Magazine), and I'm so ready to crush another 13.1 miles. I'm looking forward to checking out such an iconic city, and spending some quality time with my dad, who will be my cheering squad this weekend!

Happy weekend!

-love this pic of me and my parents at the more/fitness half marathon-

-missing miami-

-obsessed with soul. duh-

-a little loving from stella & dot-

-ready to run dc-

Thursday, April 25, 2013


When coming out of hibernation (yes my pale skin, wooly sweaters, and riding boot wearing days are considered just that), I always get a little anxious about what I'm going to wear when the warm weather sets in. I stand in front of my closets with what I would imagine to be a pretty blah expression, uninspired by the t-shirts and sundresses hanging in front of me. Don't get me wrong, some of those dresses are my favorite pieces in my wardrobe (I dream about them all winter long!), and c'mon you can never go wrong with a t-shirt, but you know that feeling of wanting something new to liven the bunch? Yea, that happens almost every. single. day. Seriously. It does. So then I go through a phase where I get addicted to putting things in my virtual carts online but never commit to actually making a purchase. It's a real problem. 

But this time was different. After convincing myself that I've been working my butt off and I deserve some new spring goodies (you can imagine how much arm twisting I had to do...ha!), I bit the bullet and ordered a few things from Madewell. Here are some of the things I was thinking about...but ended up ordering these sandals, this tee, and a tank similar to this top (tank is no longer available) instead.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Pops of Neon

Lately, I've been veering towards wearing black, white, and a little bit of a neutral color scheme, but after spending all last week in Miami, I caught the summer bug and now all I want to do is wear light, gauzy fabrics in fun poppy colors that show off my tan. Unfortunately for me, New York hasn't gotten the "we're all over winter" memo and the gloomy weather we had yesterday was a major bummer. To try and keep my Miami vibe going, I added some serious pops of color to my look by pairing fun bright shoes (mine are from last year but here is a similar style), with one of my favorite necklaces from Spike the Punch.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Summer Color

Temps have reached the high 70s this week, and it's really starting to feel like summer is coming here in NYC. With all the warmth and sunshine, I couldn't help but want to wear these new floral jeans that I picked up from the Gap over the weekend. They have a slight Hawaiian feel to them, which makes me want to plan a vacation, but in the meantime, I'll get my tropical fix on through my wardrobe!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Run the World

I have a crazy busy week ahead of me (dinner dates, hockey games, lots of work, and some packing for a trip to Miami), but what I'm most excited for is the More/Fitness Half Marathon which I will be running for the 3rd time, on Sunday morning. I've been kicking butt on my long runs, and am ready to take on Central Park! I wouldn't necessarily say that I love to run, but I do love the way it makes me feel, and I can't wait for that runner's high to kick in. This will be my first race of two this month, so let's hope I can cross that finish line with a nice strong stride!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Happiness

I was never really into astrology, but my boss is big on it, and in the past few years I've kind of jumped on the bandwagon. That's not to say that I necessarily believe everything that my horoscope tells me (you can't always look too deeply into it), but I have noticed how it can be right in many ways, and I've found myself looking to my horoscope to tell me how my life is going to play out. Sounds silly--trust me, I know--but once you start reading Susan Miller, you're life will change...drastically. 

That being said, April 1st was on Monday, so naturally, I couldn't wait to read what the planets have in store for me for the month. There was lots of talk about financials and my career, and little about love and friendships (kind of a bummer since that's what I'm usually more interested in). Since I'm supposed to be focusing on money and how to make it big, I've decided that this month, I'm going to take the time to actually sit down and work on my resume (I've been putting it off for a long time), sign up for the photography class that I've been saying I'm going to take (probably a good idea since I just got a brand new DSLR camera), and I'm going to actually focus on making my career what it's supposed to be, and what I want it to be, not just what I'm comfortable with. 

Cheers to a brand new month, but most importantly, the weekend.

-check me out in the outtakes video from a cover shoot i worked on with holly sonders-

-im a pb&fluff fan, but was happy to take a bite of one of these-

-can't believe that we're all grown up....cousin love <3-

-the remains of a gorgeous bouquet from my parents for my birthday-

-amazing scarves at the gap fall'13 preview-

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eternal Summer

I'm having one of those days (okay, maybe weeks), where the only thing that will make me happy is summertime at the beach. I've been dreaming of morning runs by the water, sun kissed skin, and fresh seafood, and after getting a super nice package from the girls at L*Space, I especially can't wait to jump into my new bikinis and play in the sand.

I've never owned an L*Space bikini before, but have lusted after them for a few years, and couldn't be happier not own one, but two, amazing swimsuits from the brand. Here are some of my favorite bikinis from the collection this summer...the best part is, you can mix-and-match to create the best suit for your body!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: A Runner's World

Since the sun has started setting later, my evenings have been filled with long, energy releasing runs. I have two big half marathons coming up (one in NYC's Central Park next weekend, and one down in DC a few weeks later), so I've been busting my butt to try and clock as many miles as possible. I wouldn't necessarily say that running is fun, but finishing an 8 or 9 mile loop after working all day is such a rewarding feeling...which is why it's so addicting. It's that runner's high, if you will.

Obviously working at Fitness has its perks, and the unlimited supply of workout clothes is just one of them. A good one, for sure. I snagged these awesome Nike leggings a few years ago, and they quickly became one of my go-to pairs for cold weather running. They are fleece-lined, so my legs stay warm (perfect for the windy nights up by the pier in Hoboken!), and the print is fun and motivating. Unfortunately they aren't available anymore, but this pair, and this pair are cool alternatives!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Parade of Roses

Metallics are a constant favorite of mine. My apartment is decorated with metallic accents, I own more than one shiny clutch, and I'm always a fan of a shimmery eye for a night out. So it's only natural that I'd be a fan of rose gold. The girly pink mixed with a masculine metal creates a much softer look than silver, but still keeps the elegance of gold, without being too stuffy. 

I've been wearing this watch almost religiously since I bought it a few years ago, and have fallen in love with the rosey hue. Seeing it out in the market more than ever this spring, has made me really exited to add some rose gold pieces to my wardrobe.

gucci clutch, michael kors shoes, bobbi brown eye shadow
reed krakoff tunic, gabriela artigas ring, nixon watch, 7fam jeans
marc by marc jacobs iphone casevionnet skirt, burberry wallet
victoria beckham sunglassesbing bang earrings, rebecca minkoff sandals

Monday, April 1, 2013

Linked Up

Happy Monday! This weekend made spring feel like a reality, and I'm so excited to get outside and enjoy the weather! Here are five things that I'm obsessing over this morning.

1. Phillip Phillips radio has been a constant station on Pandora for me and this song will always be one of my favorites. (

2. I love having a touch of blonde in my hair for the warmer months and I'm thinking this look might be the perfect update for spring. (

3. Dreaming of the beach and the boardwalk has got me wanting these slingbacks more than ever. (

4. The perfect touch of spring without being obnoxious. (

5. It is opening day after all...(