Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Happiness

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It's almost the weekend! Just a few more hours of working (of course today is a super busy day), and then I'm home free! No major plans this weekend, but I'm excited to hit the beach, as always, and hang out with some friends. I'm really excited for this time next week though because I'll be down the shore with my family-relaxing-for a nice long weekend. Woo! Lot's to do before then though, so I gotta keep hangin' in there! Hope you all had a lovely week! Enjoy this gorg weather! xx

Here's what made me happy this week...

-how cute is this sleep mask? i saw it at a preview this week-

-my new favorite gym bag courtesy of the girls at under armour. it was filled with awesome goodies too!-

-had to get a new flat iron...hope this one works on my curly hair!-

-summer reading part 2: soooooooo amazing. love her-

-addicted to these this week..unfortunately haha-

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