Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello Gorgeous

I've never been a huge makeup wearer, but I have to admit, I can't walk into a Sephora and come out empty handed. It's kind of ridiculous actually. I go in for one bronzer replacement and come out $150 later with eyeliner, eyeshadows, and lip glosses that i don't really need. It's been a while since I've done this- working at the magazine definitely has it's perks (thank you beauty girls!)-but I've been thinking that a Sephora might be necessary soon. My poor bank account.

Since I don't ever really talk about beauty products (besides Essie nail polish, because I'm obsessed) i figured I would open up my makeup bag and give you guys an idea of what I use on a regular basis...

The most important thing is the bag that holds it all (spoken like a true fashion girl) Kate Spade Natalie bag is amazing. It holds all my necessary things when I travel and is super easy to clean.

My favorite bronzer is Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact. I've been using it for about 3 years now and I love how it gives me just the right amount of glow during the months that I need it most....November-April.

I think I have a thing for Too Faced because besides my bronzer, I use Too Faced Peach Leopard blush and Too Faced Lash Injection mascara.

To get the smokey eye effect which I'm a fan of for going out, I use Sephora's eyeshadow in Sale Suede. It gives just the right about of smoke, without making me look like a crack whore. To line my eyes, I've recently started using a Nars eye pencil. It gets a little smudgy by the end of the night, but looks great to start!

I'm a huge fan of Sephora lip glosses and use them on a regular basis. I prefer nude or neutral colors that put a little shimmer on my pout, and the Fresh Gloss even adds a little minty fresh scent.

For hair, I'm addicted to Oscar Bland's dry shampoo and Bumble and Bumble's Extra Strength Holding Spray (anything Bumble and Bumble is a-okay by me!) because it smells sooooo good-seriously like candy. 

I also LOVE Philosophy products and have always been a huge fan of their body washes. One of my favorites is Senorita Margarita (I mean come on, even the name is adorable!). The scent isn't too fruity and leaves me feeling squeaky clean, where as some other brands that I have tried have left me smelling like a fruit basket or a bakery.

As for perfume, I'm a firm believer in finding the right scent for your personality and sticking with it. I've been wearing Burberry Brit for quite some time, and find it hard to replace. I do love Miss Dior Cherie though, as well as Chanel Chance. All classics in my book. The mustier and spicier, the better!

Now tell me, what are you make-up obsessions?

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  1. Love the blog Marla! My #1 makeup obsession is definitely Benefit's Erase Paste. Amazing.

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