Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BFFs, Biffles, and Besties

Remember the days when you used to wear 20 homemade string bracelets all the way up your arms and ankles? Well they're back. Except in a much more sophisticated way, if that's even possible.

Its the return of the friendship bracelet. Instead of making them at sleep away camp like I used to, or in a friends backyard while sipping on lemonade after you had been swimming in the pool all afternoon, jewelry designers are making it easy for us "adults"-I use that term loosely- to slip them on in the morning and go. How convenient? I'm kind of excited about this new summer trend and am trying to work them into my everyday look. What do you think? 

Some of my favs:
1. Henri Bendel, $58,
2. Kris Nations, $45,
3. Dannijo, $48,
4. Julie Rolfman, $95,
5. Ettika, $40,

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