Thursday, April 25, 2013


When coming out of hibernation (yes my pale skin, wooly sweaters, and riding boot wearing days are considered just that), I always get a little anxious about what I'm going to wear when the warm weather sets in. I stand in front of my closets with what I would imagine to be a pretty blah expression, uninspired by the t-shirts and sundresses hanging in front of me. Don't get me wrong, some of those dresses are my favorite pieces in my wardrobe (I dream about them all winter long!), and c'mon you can never go wrong with a t-shirt, but you know that feeling of wanting something new to liven the bunch? Yea, that happens almost every. single. day. Seriously. It does. So then I go through a phase where I get addicted to putting things in my virtual carts online but never commit to actually making a purchase. It's a real problem. 

But this time was different. After convincing myself that I've been working my butt off and I deserve some new spring goodies (you can imagine how much arm twisting I had to do...ha!), I bit the bullet and ordered a few things from Madewell. Here are some of the things I was thinking about...but ended up ordering these sandals, this tee, and a tank similar to this top (tank is no longer available) instead.

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