Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jet Setting: Long Beach Island

Okay, so maybe I'm not jet setting to the Jersey Shore, but I'm considering it that anyway. Who cares if I'll be driving for an hour and a half down the parkway tonight with my boy and my puppy?

Anyway, my parents rented a house in Long Beach Island for the week and I am so excited to get down there and just RELAX with my family (and hopefully bake this cold that I've seemed to come down with. Go figure). All I need is a bikini, a book, and some sunshine and I'll be content. Oh yea, some seafood and a bottle of wine will do. Okay and maybe some tissues too. Geez that seems like a lot to ask for.

Before I leave though, I wanted to share some cool beachy pics that i found here. I'll have plenty of my own when I get back....that I can promise.

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