Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Happiness

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I love this quote from VS Angel Adriana Lima. It's so true. Everyone is prettier when they are happy. And let's be honest, what don't we have to be happy about? It's the weekend! So smile :) What are your plans? I'm kind of excited to just relax for the first half of this weekend. I'm hoping to get some fall shopping in before I head over to Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week, maybe catch a movie (or watch one of the one's that I have at home from Netflix--Can't Hardly Wait--I love that one!), and just hang. Oh and I am getting my hair done on Saturday afternoon too. So excited to go a nice shade of rich brown for the fall. Sunday is when it gets busy again...I'll be over at LC for the Tracy Reese show. She is amazing, and I'm sure the show will be too! See you all back here on Monday!

My happiness...

-swans at our friends house on the lagoon-

-hot pink pedicure! last bright color of the summer :(-

-meet saki...hes lives at canoe studios where i had a photo shoot this week-
-new bronzer, mascara, and eyeliner...i went a little sephora crazy-

-mmm from date night-

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