Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gifted: Elliott Luca

I've been lucky enough to receive one of the most gorgeous Elliott Luca bags as an editor gift from a press preview I went to for The Sak/Elliott Luca, back in May. I had totally forgotten that I had picked this bag as my gift until it arrived at my desk on Monday. Honestly, best Monday cheer up ever! It is from the EL travel collection, and I actually decided to use it today to schlep my stuff around today (I had a super early morning workout at Equinox this morning). The black leather is so soft and sturdy. I love the gold kind of adds an edgy look to the bag. Its a perfect tote (okay, quite larger than a tote, but not large enough to be a weekender), and I'm excited to get some more use out of it! A big thank you to the ladies over at The Sak/Elliott Luca!!

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