Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday Happiness: Cheers to a New Year

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Happy New Year everyone! I've taken some time off from the blog, but over the holidays I got a lot of feed back about my site from friends and family, and everyone seems to agree that they love my Friday posts, so I figured what better way to jump back into blogging than with a Friday Happiness.

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays this year and got to spend some quality time with your families. I always love the holidays and am sad to see them go, but I have to be honest, this year, my body is so happy to not have to have another christmas cookie or slice of pie. I ate SO much during my time off and I am  looking forward to getting my butt back in shape. I'll be running my second half marathon in April, so I need to get strong, get lean, and buck up!!

Before I share my happiness from the week, I want to thank you all for coming back to read my blog. Whether you are a first time reader or a Dolce Vita stalker, I appreciate all of your comments and feedback and would not have been able to grow my blog without all of you. So cheers to 2012 and all that sparkles and glitters and makes me happy :)

Happiness from the past few weeks:
(i added an extra photo for good luck in the new my pup is just too cute!)

-yummy cake for my brothers 20th birthday-

-snapshot from christmas eve-

-delicious homemade white pizza from date night-

-she seriously is the cutest-

-the beach on new years day-

-new kate spade clutch-

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