Thursday, March 28, 2013


One of the things that I pride myself on is sending thank you notes. I'm always getting sent presents at work (one of the many perks of my job!), and I have found that sending a personalized and hand written thank you note goes a long way, and is definitely appreciated in our world of crazy email overload.

I'm always looking for pretty notecards and have been wanting to make a purchase from Sugar Paper for a long time. I finally bit the bullet the other day and bought myself two new sets of cards, just in time for me to send out thank you notes from my birthday. It was super hard for me to decide on the sets that I did (everything is so cute, I wanted to buy it all!), so here is a roundup of some of my current favorites. Can you guess which ones I bought?

confetti thank you, bon voyage, you're my lobster
casual thank you, hearts, make a wish
hey girl, anchor, market kate

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