Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Linked Up

This week has gotten off to a rough start, as I'm fighting yet another sinus infection. Hoping my meds will kick and and get rid of this mess, but until then, here are somethings that are making forget that I need to have a tissue box with me at all times...for a few seconds, anyway.

1. Tommy Hil has a capsule collection which is focused around the surf life. It's calling my name. (

2. Slightly in love with this poppy bag for my new camera. What do you think? (

3. Beauty 101. (

4. I'm a Thought Catalog addict, but this might be one my my favorite posts to date. #4 is something I need to be better at, but #5 & #7 are totally appreciated. (

5. I've been having dreams about this skirt ever since I saw it in the store on Saturday. That's a sign I should get it, right? (

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