Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Happiness

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I thought Friday would never be here! After starting off the week with a photo shoot, followed by rain storms, and now finally some sunshine, I can't wait to relax this weekend! My bf and I (along with friends!) will be celebrating my half-marathon accomplishment as well as his completion of a licensing exam (he'll be graduating with a Master's in Athletic Training in a few weeks, woo!). After lot's of training and studying, I think we are both ready to let loose. Hopefully some entertaining pics to come :) Have a great weekend everyone xo

Things that made me happy this week...

-new stack of spring mags-
-organic peanut butter bon bons w/ salt, yummmm-
- my red sox beat the yankees, wooo-
-a lovely piperlime gift card (already spent btw)-
- watched this over the weekend and loved it-

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