Thursday, April 7, 2011

Semi-Charmed Kinda Life

I've blogged about charms before-check out this post here- but I came across another set of charms that are TO DIE FOR. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry is an amazing brand that we frequently call in for celebrity cover shoots at the magazine, and I just realized that they sell individual charms. OBSESSED! Most of her charms come in rose gold (love, love), white gold, 18K gold and 14k gold, which is amazing because if you love a particular charm you can get it in whichever gold suits your fancy. Pretty amazing. How fab are these? Obviously I'm loving the anchor.


  1. You know I just love charms too...sad thing happened yesterday while wearing my prized silver charm bracelet, which I have had since my teen got caught on a cubicle in my office while I was walking by and BROKE! Definately need to make a trip to the jeweler - and maybe then treat myself to a new charm at the same time!

  2. Oh no! That's so depressing! Guess a shopping trip is in order now...