Monday, March 21, 2011


Anyone that knows me knows that one of my most prized possessions is my charm bracelet. On my 23rd birthday (March 16th), I was getting ready to put my bracelet on and realized that I have had it for almost 10 years. Wow that seems like a long time! But in those 10 years I have added charms from all of the places I have traveled to (the Eiffel tower for Paris, a gondolier's hat from Venice, a hamsa hand from Israel), and I have also received charms as gifts for birthdays, holidays and for special events in my life. In a way, each charm represents a little piece me.

As I was going through my email the other day I came across a brand called CharmCo and immediately became engrossed in all things gold and sparkly. From anchors and high heels, to boxing gloves and evil eyes, I was drooling at my desk. At least my boyfriend will have endless gift ideas for me now, right? Here are some of my favs...
How do I not have a NYC tribute charm? Major necessity.

I get seasick but I LOVE sailboats.

The best part about getting Chinese food is the fortune cookie.

Would totally engrave "DOLCE" on it. That's my puppy's name.

Just beacause.

Because life is as sweet as a box of chocolates.

Here are some other amazing pics taken from the CharmCo website. Utterly obsessed.

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