Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's been a while! So sorry for my lack of posts these days! Between work insanity, being away, and then more work insanity, I haven't had time to get new posts up. Hopefully that will all change now, for a little while anyway.

I got back from vacation last week and I have to be honest, I wish I never had to come back. Between lounging on the beach every morning, splashing in the pool every afternoon, and eating delicious meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!), I'm pretty sure I lived the life for the few days that I was away. We all got a little burnt (okay, a lot), but besides that and my boyfriends fear of flying (he literally gripped the seat the entire way down to Punta Cana), we had an amazing time.

Here are some pics of the fun we all had!

-our room-

-beautiful, beautiful palm trees-

-they're lovers-

-hey that's me! in this trina turk tunic!-

-tequila shots-

-hmmm lookin' a little crispy-

-favorite pic from vacation-

-me and my boy toy-

-our private pool-

-nice and bright-

-rebecca missed the white memo-

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