Thursday, September 1, 2011


Current obsession: glittery nails. Okay, glittery everything (seen here in yesterday's post). Seriously. Who woulda thunk it? Never in a million years would I have thought that glitter would make a comeback, but glittery nail polish? How '90s is this? I'm super happy though because I'm loving it. I  bought this Butter London polish over the weekend and it looks so cool on. It's flashy, but I love how it makes a cool, casual outfit a little glam. The best part about glittery nail polish: if you are doing a DIY mani, you can't really mess up!!

This new OPI collection (designed for the new Muppet movie!) is what sparked my interest. What do you think?

divine swine

designer, de better!

excuse moi!
rainbow confection
warm & fozzie
fresh frog of bel air
gone gonzo

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