Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Happiness

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Friday has arrived. Yay for the weekend! Unfortunately this weekend will be spent fasting for the Jewish holiday, Yom Kipper. Not fun. But I am looking forward to our break fast meal which always consists of lots of bagels and apple cake. Two of my FAVORITE things to eat. The rest of the weekend will be pretty lax...nothing too crazy. Hopefully some quality time spent with my brother, who is coming home from  college for his fall break, and my boyfriend. Maybe I can convince him to go pumpkin picking with me :). Happy weekend everyone!

Happiness from the week...

-this isn't a happy thing, but i have to recognize it. rip steve jobs-
-may not be the iphone5 but i'll take it...oct 14th woo!-
-yummy candy corn from delicious orchards-

-pink/white cookie from zaro's bakery-

-trainer nick to the rescue...isn't he just so cute?-

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