Friday, November 11, 2011

Handle With Care

I'm notorious for saying "my hands are cold!". Which is why I have an obsession with gloves. Normally, I can be seen wearing child size gloves (my hands are about the same size as a, but really, they are), but I do love when gloves add a little punch to an outfit, and sometimes have to cross over into big girl glove world to achieve that. Since the holidays are coming, and despite the unusual warm weather we are experiencing here in the city, I've decided to share some that I am currently crushing know, in case you want to buy me a little present-I'm obsessed with #2 and #7 ;):
1. Echo $78
2. Valentino $384
3. Madewell $22 on sale!
4. Aqua $36 on sale!
5. Juicy Couture $68
6. Kate Spade $65
7. Juicy Couture $58
8. Roxy $25
9. UGG $75
10. Missoni $245
11. Echo $35

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