Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday Happiness

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Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. Things have been crazy here at Fitness. Lots of shoots to prep for before I head out to the lovely land of Mexico next week. Ahhh so excited. More on that later though.

How was everyone's week? Psyched for the weekend? I definitely am. Not much planned this weekend, but I'm happy to play it by ear this time. I feel like baking might be in my future...something wintery and fun. Oh and some mega gym time and running to be had. I've gotta get my tush in shape for the beach next week! Hope you all have a lovely weekend...see ya back here on Monday!

My happiness from the week...

-dolce has been coming to snuggle in bed every morning before cute-

-i made fresh lemon orzo with last night's greek stuffed chicken dinner-

-mac satin obsession-

-a cozy scarf for a freezing friday-
-grande vanilla skim chai...getting me through the week-

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