Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marni Takes Over

This might be old news by now but I had to share for those of you who live under a rock...the new collab at H&M is Marni! I'm very excited for this one, which will be dropping in the spring. The Versace release was pretty rad for H&M, but I'm not into the whole over the top studs everywhere kinda thing. A little too much for me. But, like I said, it was pretty amazing. Marni, however, is going to be HUGE. Looks like there are going to be tons of tribal prints (gahhh!) and tons of cropped pants (double gahhh! perfect for my 5'3 hight!). Better yet, there will be jewelry, scarves, bags, AND shoes. Heaven! This will totally warrant me waiting in line (I never do this btw... lines are SO not for me). PURE EPICNESS right here. Cannot wait! Here's some behind the scenes footage courtesy of Marni/H&M. Enjoy!

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