Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Happiness

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It is yet another gloomy day here in the city. Sort of depressing actually. I'm ready for some sunshine, that's for sure! Just have to think happy thoughts to get through this day!

This weekend will be full of fun things. My brother comes home for his spring break tonight. I'm excited to see him (and go to one of our fav Italian restaurants...they have the BEST balsamic dressing--I swear by it!). Sunday is when all the fun begins though. We are celebrating a very special mom's 50th! Her birthday isn't until the 13th (3 days before mine!), but we are celebrating early with friends on Sunday night. I don't want to give away too many details (a blog post will come on Monday with all of the fun!), but I'm really looking forward to eating good food, drinking some delicious wine, and having a great time celebrating my mom!

What are your weekend plans?

My happiness this week...

-pretty spring time flowers- favorite cookie ever!-

-obsessed with this MK bag. birthday present anyone??-

-new kors by MK hot pink flats-

-today's outfit :) j.crew, rebecca taylor, and tory burch-

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