Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Say it With Words...

Dainty jewelry is my favorite kind of jewelry. Sure chunky statement pieces are awesome every once and a while-check one of my current faves here-but my everyday jewelry usually consists of a couple of necklaces- here and here- a simple ring-here- a few bracelets, a watch-here-and diamond studs that I got for my 16th birthday. Pretty much as simple as it gets. That's why I love jewelry that says something. Literally. You can be simple, yet still make a statement! Sydney Evan's collection, The Word, is what inspired my love for these pieces, and I am dying to get that "love" ring someday soon (boyfriend...that's a little hint for ya!). 

              1. Paloma Picasso Love Necklace: $1950               
              2. Erica Anenberg Hope Twosome Ring: $95   
              3. Sydney Evan Diamond Love Ring: $825
              4. Sydney Evan Diamond Dream Necklace: $900
              5. Tatty Devine Queen Necklace: $30
              6. Asos Double Finger Amour Ring: $14


  1. that love ring is so sweet. actually I want ALL of these! so cute :)

    I am loving your blog, I just found it! now following too!


  2. you are so sweet! thanks so much for following! just checked out your blog and it's adorbs! <3 xx