Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Happiness

Friday is upon us! Finally!! As you can tell by my non-blogging, I've been super busy at work this week...I'm practically swimming in photo shoot prep. So much going on next week, and then the following week I'm headed out to Miami for some fun in the sun photo shoots...can't wait to leave this cold Northeast weather. They say snow's in the forecast for this weekend. Better not be as bad as they say because I have a birthday party up at FOXWOODS to get to for my lovely friend Alexis. Happy birthday chica!! So excited to celebrate with her and all of my college roommates. Twice in 2 weeks, this is a record for us. Sticking to my once a month plan, as promised! Happy weekend everyone!

Be happy...

-love this picture of me and my lexi-

-with <3, from starbucks-

-some festive treats on my desk for v-day-

-friday in pastels-

-bikini body workout shoot from this week-

-i had to...-

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