Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lavender Lush

I'm back on the color kick, and today I'm feeling lavender. I posted a photo last Friday of my lavender nails (I loved the way they looked with my mint green pants--not available online it seems!), and I've been seeing a lot of the pastel shade out and about in the city, now that the weather has gotten warm (so warm it feels like it could almost be summer!). I love how feminine the color is, and when paired with a brighter color, like orange or teal, it adds a little bit of unexpected sweetness to the look. I also think it looks great when paired with lime green. Something cool about the bikini below which I'm LOVING!!!. I'm not sure that I would wear this color on top (unless it was an accessory) for fear of it washing me out, but I'm totally in love with the jeans, and of course the nail polish!

missoni bikini, tweezerman nail files, j brand jeans, alexander mcqueen scarf, asos clutch, j.crew cardigan, essie nailpolish, hunter rain boots, 

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