Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Remember when you were 10 years old and you'd go get your nails done and they'd paint little flowers or line bursts on your nails? It was always such a treat when you looked down at your hot pink or blue nails and saw the little designs. Well it seems as though this little trend has yet to subside, as nail art is all the rage. I'm certainly adventurous with color and have no problem being super obnoxious with a neon color for summer or navy blue for the colder months or even a little jazzy sparkle, but I tend to shy away from any designs. These cool looks have me inspired though, and I'm thinking I might need to switch up my game this weekend when I go for my mani/pedi. What do you think?
ombre shattered look

sparkly tips

black french...kind of love this one

metallic to the max

ombre by nail

girly designs

glitter craze...another fav

sparkle fade

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